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Each child at Sangaree Intermediate has a copy of
Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.


                              Writing a Friendly Letter


YouTube Review
Dear Mr. Henshaw


YouTube Interview
Beverly Cleary


Trucker Buddy International

a penpal program for a school class


Make Your Own Monarch Butterfly Optical Illusion                                   What you'll need: construction paper (at least 19" long-you can glue two sheets together), a glue stick, scissors, colored pencils and a ruler. Instructions
courtesy of the University of Minnesota Monarch Curriculum in the Classroom    

About the Book: Leigh Botts is a new kid in the sixth grade at school. He lives with his mother but misses his father and dog, Bandit, terribly while they travel cross-country. Mr. Botts works as a truck driver, and Leigh is struggling with the recent divorce of his parents. He is angry with a mysterious thief who keeps stealing things from his lunch box at school. When Leigh’s teacher assigns a letter-writing project, naturally Leigh chooses to write to his all-time favorite author, Boyd Henshaw. After all, Leigh has loved his books ever since he was in second grade. Can Mr. Henshaw’s answer change Leigh’s life forever?Leigh often goes to the grove to see the monarch butterflies.  The western population spends the winter along parts of the coast of California, and then migrate to breed each year. Here is a cool optical illusion craft you can make at home. 

 KellyAnne Burbage
 Sangaree Intermediate
 Media Specialist

Thanks, KellyAnne, for all you do to promote Berkeley Reads each year!